Deciding what to do with a dead animal can be a big decision. Most people prefer to have their pet buried on their property, but don't have the equipment or experience to handle it themselves. 
Richard Logan of Animal Burials provides a professional, sensitive and humane solution for all types of livestock, including cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, llamas, goats, emus and other large animals.

This service is ideal for situations where:

A 24 hour or same day service is required.

There is an emotional attachment and the owner would like to have a burial site dug.

An animal has been put down by the veterinarian.

The animal needs to be removed from a difficult position.

There is an unexpected death.

Based in North Waikato, Animal Burials covers the areas from Cambridge to Orewa and everywhere in between.
Richard will also transport animals back to the owner's property if they are being agisted off-site and it's not practical to bury them where they are. 
Other disposal options can be also be arranged. If you can't bury your pet on your property, Richard can arrange for it to be buried elsewhere, or arrange for cremation.

With over 30 years farming experience, Richard Logan can also offer a large animal rescue service for those animals who get stuck in drains, swamps, holes etc.

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